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Game of Thrones Season 4

Game of Thrones season 4 premiered in the first half of 2014. Production took place in Dubrovnik (King’s Landing) in Croatia and Iceland, and also in Northern Ireland. Filming was also in Morocco (Slaver’s Bay)



The cast members whose characters survived Season 3 are expected to come back in the fourth season.


  • Lena Headey as Queen Cersei Lannister
  • Kit Harington as Jon Snow
  • Natalie Dormer as Lady Margaery Tyrell

Guest cast

  • Andy Beckwith as Rorge
  • Dominic Carter as Lord Janos Slynt
  • Kate Dickie as Lady Lysa Arryn, Lady Regent of the Vale
  • Owen Teale as Ser Alliser Thorne
  • Daniel Portman as Podrick Payne

Cast additions Season 4

As confirmed by George R.R. Martin the following characters will be added in Season 4:

  • Lord Mace Tyrell, the Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount of the Reach, and Warden of the South
  • Prince Oberyn Martell, known as “the Red Viper of Dorne”
  • Styr, the Magnar of Thenn
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